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No Ordinary hair & skin care, organic, 99% natural ingredients. Vegan , cruelty free with salon quality results.


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Our Award Winning Products


No Ordinary products offer quality and effectiveness whilst using only natural and sustainable ingredients.

The essential oils we use are aromatherapy grade and accredited by the Aromatherapy Trade Council for purity, sustainability and ethical practices. Only the finest pure essential oils are used to work therapeutically for optimum results.

Each ingredient has been chosen, tested and approved based on it’s purity and effectiveness. Whats left out of our products is just as important as whats left in - filler ingredients or any synthetic fragrancing are never used.

Creative Team

Our dedicated team are passionate about beauty, on positivity and kindness, both to each other and the planet. This is the founding principle of the Gavin Taylor Hair salon and one that now extends to our organic, vegan and cruelty free hair and skin care products.

Manufactured here in the UK, all ingredients are ethically sourced from small producers and farming cooperatives that ensure standards of the highest quality.

Join us in our commitment to change and browse the No Ordinary range today.

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The No Ordinary brand was born from a need to drive home the value of natural, organic hair care and cosmetics. We believe the products people use should be of the highest quality, but affordable and ethically sourced. And we wanted to be sure that the products we use in our own salon stem from this belief.

So we teamed up with some amazing producers to create our own brand built on positivity, quality and sustainability. A brand that helps spread the message of our philosophy – to live a life less ordinary.


Creativity fuels everything we do here at the Gavin Taylor hair salon, and it’s the driving force behind the No Ordinary brand.

We think outside the box to create new ideas that benefit our customers, our community and our planet. We continually look to grow and evolve and share our journey with everyone around us, helping to build a united commitment to a better world.


We are a small but experienced and driven company and we use our expertise to ensure that everything we produce is as ethical and effective as it can be. As hair care professionals, we know how to use natural and organic ingredients to achieve healthy results, so you can be sure the No Ordinary range is kind to you and kind to the planet.

Most of all, we want to share our experience, not just as hair care professionals but as avid believers in a life less ordinary. We look to spread our message far beyond the walls of our salon, helping future generations build a better tomorrow, starting today.

No Ordinary:


"Now your hair can go vegan too."

— Sixty9 Degrees Magazine

No Ordinary :




I believe it all started at 11 years old when I attended high school. I just didn’t fit into the Government’s mould of a successful student or employee. I struggled with learning, or should I say, remembering, what the teachers were telling me and nothing made sense. I wanted to create, not remember stuff! As the years went on I simply believed that I was destined for manual labour, or at least that’s what I was told I could do. 

But I knew deep down that I was different and needed an outlet to shout about my passion which, in fact, was learning – learning new skills. So I set out the rest of my life to prove my sceptics wrong and to learn as many new skills as I could. I started with catering, then moved on to hairdressing and ultimately, how to create my own cosmetics that fitted in with the world I wanted to live in. A nontoxic, peaceful and forward thinking planet that could harness what the earth had already given to us. 


Or simply interested in how you can change the world!