Our Story

I knew deep down that I was different, with asthma and allergies and no alternatives to use, I needed an outlet to shout about my passion which, in fact, was learning – learning new skills. So I set out the rest of my life to prove my sceptics wrong and to learn as many new skills as I could. I started with catering, then moved on to hairdressing and ultimately, how to create my own cosmetics that fitted in with the world I wanted to live in. A non toxic, peaceful and forward thinking planet that could harness what the earth had already given to us.

Having been in the hair industry for over 20 years, I have seen so many big brands dominate the hair care market, with none of the smaller, more ethical or moral businesses even getting a 1% share. This was twinned with my frustration at struggling to find a company that produced a product committed to using as many natural ingredients as possible, but one that didn’t aggravate my already allergy prone skin – which some say has been caused by using toxic, chemical based products in the past.

After testing many variations at home over many years –researching the best ingredients, reading many books and recipes – I finally found a combination that not only worked for me but that was effective on hair, skin and body. And that was also safe for the planet.

I felt that if I were to start my own product range, I needed to understand the importance of each and every ingredient – how and why they mattered. Having changed careers from a chef to a hairdresser as a teenager, I had the belief that I could do anything I put my mind to.The main reason I am so passionate about using plant based ingredients is because they work in harmony with your own body. Instead of masking the problem, the ingredients in our products balance out the hair and skin, leaving naturally glossy, naturally healthy results. They also show up any areas for concern so that the user can take the proper steps towards repair when hair or skin has been damaged by heat or a chemical process.

No Ordinary has been born from a passion for change in our industry. The salon hair care market is worth billions but yet it’s full of brands that do not really care for our end users, the clients. Yes, the client’s hair may feel wonderful when they leave the salon but other brands do tend to still mask the problems rather than prevent them in the first place.

No Ordinary comes straight from the salon so has been created for and with our clients in mind. These clients want real hair that they can recreate in their real lives. No BS!

Our message is clear – we have one life and one planet and if we do not change each area of industry to become one of care, for both the customer and the planet, we will have neither for much longer.